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Meeting with director of Mayak nanosatellite project

5th September, 2016

   Dr. Sergey Trofimov has met with Alexander Shaenko, the manager of the small satellite “Mayak” project, at Moscow Polytechnic University on September 3. At the meeting Alexander has presented the satellite concept and development. This is a 3U cubesat with a sail construction which receives a pyramidal form while opening. Each edge of the pyramid is three meters long and its faces reflect the sunlight. The pyramidal sail will deorbit the satellite from an altitude of 600 km in a month.

Mayak will be launched to the orbit as a hosted payload together with the satellite Kanopus-V-IK whose launch is pre-planned for December 22, 2016.

The developers expect the satellite to become the brightest object in the night sky.

The website of the project: