Small Satellites

Satellites dynamics and motion control study

Nano and microsatellites session of the RAS Space Council division on Sun-Earth relationships

16th February, 2016

The second meeting of the Nano and microsatellites session Space Council division on Sun-Earth relationships (by the Russian Academy of Sciences) took place in the Space Research Institute during the 11th Conference on Plasma Physics. The participants discussed the management of the ionosphere and Sun-Earth research by nano and microsatellites. Maxim Shirobokov and Yaroslav Mashtakov presented the surveys on relevant problems of attitude control.

Shirobokov, M., Trofimov, S. Options for Small spacecraft Injection into the Orbits Around Sun-Earth L1/L2 Libration points.

Mashtakov, Ya. Tkachev, S. Application of magnetic and gyroscopic attitude control systems at high-apogee orbits.