Small Satellites

Satellites dynamics and motion control study

66th International Astronautical Congress

16th October 2015

The 66th International Astronautical Congress took place on 12–16 October in Jerusalem, Israel. Two papers of our group have been presented at the Astrodynamics symposium of the congress:

Hao-Chi Chang, Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Shui-Lin Weng, Stepan Tkachev, Yu-Yung Lian, Sergey Mirer, Wen-Lung Chian, Dmitriy Roldugin, Chen-Tsung Lin, Attitude estimation and control design for single steerable single wing satellite

Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Maksim Shirobokov, Sergey Trofimov, Recovery of lunar libration point missions in case of contingency correction maneuver delay