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Satellites dynamics and motion control study

Tutorials on spaceflight dynamics

25th August, 2016

Our group has recently presented the tutorials: 

- Introduction to spaceflight dynamics (by Prof. Mikhail Ovchinnikov), published by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

- Numerical simulation of orbital and angular motion of spacecrafts

(by Drs. Danil Ivanov, Sergey Trofimov and Maxim Shirobokov, under general edition by Prof. Mikhail Ovchinnikov), published by Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (KIAM)

The former popularly covers the basics of spaceflight dynamics. The motion of celestial bodies and spacecraft mass center is considered. Some elements of undisturbed and disturbed motion theory are studied. The focus is on the dynamics issues following from current trends in space exploration development.

The latter deals with basic methods for numerical simulation of spacecraft motion. Choice of variables for orbital and angular motion simulation is discussed.

The manuals are mainly addressed to students and postgraduates of MIPT starting to study the spaceflight dynamics but are also useful for faculty members and young researchers.