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Mikhail Yuryevich

Head of department

Doctor of science




Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in Flight Dynamics and Control in 1977. Since 1980 after graduating PhD courses has worked at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KIAM) where received PhD (1983) and Dr. of Sci. (1995) Degrees, both in Physics and Mathematics. Now he occupies the Principar Researcher and the Head of the "Space Systems Dynamics" Department positions. Deputy Chair of the Dissertation Board № at KIAM and member of the Dissertation Board № 24.2.327.08 at MAI. Member of the Academic Council of KIAM. Head of the Laboratory "Intelligent Information Systems" at KIAM.

In 1990 has began education activity at MIPT. The Professor Certificate in theoretical mechanics was issued in 1997. Now he occupies a Full-Professor part-time position at the Department of Mathematical Simulation and Applied Mathematics of MIPT. Scientific Adviser of the Educational and Research Laboratory at MIPT “Control and Dynamics of Complex Information and Mechanical Systems”. Supervised 13 successfully defended PhD theses. His followers are awarded by the Moscow Government Prize, Russian Academy of Sciences Medal for young researchers, President of Russia Scholarships, PI of the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research Grants.

Member of the Program Committees of the Annual Academic Readings on Cosmonautics and Chairman of the Section 5, regularly hold All-Russian Congresses of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, International Astronautical Congress, International Symposium of IAA “Small Satellites for Earth Observation”, International Workshop of IAA "Satellite Constellation and Formation Flying", IAA Latin America Cubesat Workshop, IAA Conference "Dynamics and Control of Space Systems", IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions and CubeSat Workshop, International Workshop and Advanced School on Spaceflight Dynamics and Control, Russian Symposium on Nanosatellites etc.

Member of the Russian National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (2019), Member of the International Academy of Astronautics (M2, 2010), Senior Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2009), Member of the Astrodynamic Committee of IAF (2004 till 2018 and 2020 till now), Vice-Chair of the IAA Commission N 4 on Space Operation & Utilization, Member of the IAA Permanent Small Satellite Committee.

Expert of the Russian Foundation of Basic Research, the Russian Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education and Science of RF (Expert of Federal level), Russian Academy of Sciences, European Research Program Horizon 2020.

Member of the Editorial Boards of the Cosmic Research Journal, International Journal of Space Science and Engineering, Keldysh Institute Preprints and Aerospace.

Awarded by the chest sign of the Ministry of Science and High Education of RF "Honorary Mentor" (2022).

Research Interests

•  Spaceflight dynamics

•  Applied celestial mechanics and ballistics, Formation Flying, interplanetary mission design

•  Attitude control systems for small satellites

•  Rigid body dynamics in a medium with resistance

•  Laboratory simulation and flight testing of the dynamics of small satellite

•  Micro - and nano-satellites. Theory and practice

Research Projects

•  Moscow Center for Fundamental and Applied Mathematics, under Agreement with the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation, N 075-15-2019-1623, (Project manager):

Study of the small satellite dynamics and control in Formation Flying (N 20-01-01, 2020-2023)

•  Russian Science Foundation (PI):

Spacecraft Dynamics and Navigation in Complex Gravity Fields (N 19-11-00256, 2019-2023)

Development of new dynamic models and algorithms of control of orbital and rotational movement of small spacecraft for future missions to the Moon, planets and small bodies of the Solar system (N 14-11-00621, 2014-2018)

•  Russian Science Foundation (I):

New methods of the attitude control of small satellites under constrains (N 17-71-20117, 2017-2020, PI - S.S. Tkachev)

•  Russian Foundation for Basic Research (PI):

Development of control methods for a spacecraft with large flexible elements under control constraints and a lack of measurement information (N 19-31-90047, 2019-2022)

Simulation and motion control of flexible elongated space constructions (N 16-01-00634, 2016-2018);

Motion study and development of control algorithms for dynamic reconfiguration of the formation of micro-satellites, including their disposal (N 13-01-00665, 2013-2015);

“Ah, racing triple daring...”, a competition for the best popular science article in 2012 (N 12-01-11501_d_s, 2012);

Dynamics and control of multi-element rolling formation with restriction on measurement and control (N 09-01-00431, 2009-2011);

Dynamics and control of small satellites in the geomagnetic field (N 07-01-92001-NNSA, 2007-2010, a joint project of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Science Council of Taiwan NSC);

"Kids" conquer the world", a competition for the best popular science article for 2007 (N 07-01-11509, 2007);

Ensuring movement of small satellites and miniature aircraft with a deficit of measurements and the limited resource control (N 06-01-00389, 2006-2008);

The problem of orientation of small satellites using MEMS technology (N 03-01-00652, 2003-2005);

The problem orientation of the spacecraft and the study of their motions about its center of mass (N 00-01-00174, 2000-2002);

The study of the motion of the spacecraft about its center of mass and orientation issues (N 97-01-00910, 1997-1999)

•  Russian Foundation for Basic Research (I):

Study of satellite controlled motion during rendezvous and capture of the noncooperative target (N 18-31-20014, 2018-2020, PI - D.S. Ivanov)

•  The Ministry of Education and Science, The Federal Agency for Science and Innovations, The Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology of Russian Federation (PI):

Design and verification of advanced nanosatellite attitude control algorithms for the specific reference motion construction and maintenance (Gov. Agreement N 13.2251.21.0045, 2021) with UnB (Brasilia District Federal);

Development of techniques and laboratory facility for verification of orbital and angular motion control algorithms for spacecraft of a new generation (Gov. Agreement N 14.607.21.0144, 2016-2019);

Development and verification of cost-effective ways of controlled disposal of small satellites with typical near-earth orbits" (Gov.Agreement N 8182, 2012-2013);

Design and study of controlled orbital and angular movements of small satellites in the group flight with engines of new generation (Gov.Contract N 02.740.11.0860, 2010-2013);

Complex dynamics modeling and development of algorithms to control multiple systems with a deficit of measurement information and resource Manager (Gov.Contract N 02.514.11.4068, 2007-2008);

Analytical Departmental Target Program “Development of scientific potential of higher education” (2006-2008) (theme in the framework of the Project N 6827, 2006-2007);

Methods of creating and laboratory verification of autonomous control systems for small moving objects (Gov.Contract N 02.434.11.7061, 2005-2006);

System control and communication with mobile objects (Gov.contract N 02.700.12.050, 2004);

System control and communication with mobile objects (Gov.contract N 37.700.11.0141, 2003);

The determination of orientation and orbits of small satellites with a lack of measurement information (project N 89 for young scientists and students on fundamental and applied research, 1999-2000);

Development of technology of computer-based testing precision control of dynamic systems (in the framework of Contract N 0201.02.005, 1998)

•  Federal Program "Integration" (PI of contributor):

The mathematical study of complex systems (project N-0899, 2002-2006);

Analysis, diagnostics and control of complex systems (projects NN K-0647 and A-0110, 1998-2001)

•  The grant of the President of the Russian Federation for Support of Leading Scientific Schools (contractor):

Mechanics and motion control of spacecraft. The functioning and evolution of complex natural and technical systems, the School N 96-01-97229 (1996-2011)

•  The international projects:

Academic project Bifrost between Beyond Atlas and KIAM (2019-2020, соруководитель);

Academic project Enfante between UBI and KIAM (2018-2019, Co-Head);

The HeliconPlasmaHydrosin COmbinedMicro – in the framework of the EU 7th Framework Program (N 218862, 2008-2012, Co-Head);

Magnetic Attitude Control of Microsatellites (Leonhard-Euler Scholarship with the support of DAAD in cooperation with MIPT, 2002-2010, Co-Head);

Theoretical and experimental study of the information and elements of control systems of mobile objects. Project in the framework of the Executive program of the 3rd session of the Russian-Italian Commission on scientific–technical cooperation, Annex 3, N 72, code RS5: (2003-2004, Co-Head);

The ISTC project (N 2323, 2002-2004, contractor);

The Attitude Control System for MUNIN Nanosatellite (with IRF, Kiruna, 1998-2000, PI)

•  Individual research grants and schoolarships:

FAPDF (2016) Fundação de Apoio à Pesquisa do Distrito Federal at the University of Brasilia, Brasilia DF, Brazil;

NATO (2004) at the University of Beira Interior, Portugal;

LNCV (2000-2001) at the Roma University La Sapienza, Italy and (2004) at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy;

Scholarship of President of Russia for leading scientists (2000-2002);

DAAD (2000) at ZARM, Bremen;

Soros Docent scholarship (1998)

•  Contracts with industry (PI):

In the period 1998 – 2022  he executed and supervised more than 40 contracts with organizations of aerospace industry — JSC Corporation "VNIIEM", RNII Space Device Engineering, Research Institute of Precision Instrument Engineering, PLC Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia", JSC Russian Space Systems, JSC Information Satellite Systems, JSC Gazprom – Space Systems, JSC RDC ScanEx, SputniX Ltd, JSC RDC Resonance, JSC Research Institute of Electro Mechanics, Lavochkin Association, the Samara State Aerospace University, Moscow Aviation Institute and with foreign industry and universities.

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