Small Satellites

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

Victory at the RSF Presidential program competitions

July 10, 2017

Our applications to the competitions of Presidential research funding program obtained support from the Russian Science Foundation. The project "New attitude control methods of small satellites under restrictions" led by Dr. Stepan Tkachev has won the competition of youth research groups, while the project "Spacecraft trajectory design and optimization using  multi-core computing systems" led by Dr. Sergey Trofimov has gained a victory at the competition of initiative studies by early-career researchers.

The program was developed by the Foundation on a commission from Vladimir Putin. It is aimed at supporting leading researchers in their long-term projects and at creating career paths by promising young scientists. 

The competition of initiative studies by early-career researchers is intended for supporting PhDs under 33 years old. The means provided by the Foundation are to help them develop a taste for science and carry out their projects at brand new conditions. 

The competition of youth research groups is aimed at supporting a new generation of research leaders. The Foundation awards grants worth of 5 million rubles annually to young PhDs under 35 years old. The grant lasts three to five years. Using this money the young researchers ought not only to suggest an interesting project but also to build their own youth research teams and lead the corresponding projects.