Small Satellites

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

Academic Conference on Astronautics

January 30, 2017

The XLI Academic Readings on Cosmonautics took place in Moscow from the 24th to the 27th of January. The members of our team presented a number of papers at the Sections “Applied celestial mechanics and motion control” and “Ballistics, aerodynamics of aircraft and mission control”:

Shirobokov, MTrajectories of Lunar transfer: history, methods, facts (this slide show and the other ones are presented in Russian)

Mashtakov, Ya., Tkachev, SApplication of solar and magnetic coils for desaturation of flywheels

Roldugin, D., Pen’kov, V. Study of active magnetic damping algorithm accuracy

Ivanov, D., Koptev, M., Proshunin, N., Fedoseev, A., Shachkov, M. Study of disturbed motion of small satellite control system mock-up on the airbench

Shestakov, S., Koptev, M. Development of motion control of tetrahedral formation of satellites

Tselousova, A., Shirobokov, M. Methods of solution of the Stark problem for optimization of low-thrust interplanetary flights.