Small Satellites

Satellites dynamics and motion control study

Current issues in spacecraft attitude and navigation

7th September, 2016

From the 5th to the 7th September the city of Tarusa hosted the 5th All-Russian scientific and technical Conference “Current issues in spacecraft attitude and navigation” managed by the Space Research Institute of RAS (IKI RAS). Our group has given several talks at the section “Spacecraft attitude and navigation systems”:

Nuralieva, A., Tkachev, S. Mathematical and computer modeling of satellite with movable nonrigid elements (in Russian)

 Mashtakov, Ya., Tkachev, S. Application of magnetic coils for desaturation of high-elliptical orbit satellite flywheels (in Russian)

 Ivanov, D., Koptev, M., Proshunin, N. Study of algorithm of motion for microsatellite mock-up motion on the aerodynamic stand by video images processing (in Russian)

 Shestakov, S., Mashtakov, Ya. Simulation and motion control of tetrahedral formation of satellites (in Russian)