Small Satellites

Satellites dynamics and motion control study

Academic Conference on Astronautics

28th January 2015
Our team took part in the section “Applied celestial mechanics and motion control” within XXXIX Academic Conference on Astronautics. The meeting was held on 28 January in Bauman MSTU.

S.Trofimov "Small spacecraft de-orbiting from sun-synchronous orbits using solar sail".

S.Tkachev "The impact of disturbances on the stabilization accuracy in tracking routes on the Earth's surface".

Д.С. Ролдугин. "Sliding mode control for satellite three-axis magnetic attitude".

Also on 29 January at the section "unmanned spacecraft for planetary and astrophysical research. Design, construction, testing and calculation" Ya. Mashtakov presented a report "Constructing the angular motion of the spacecraft on the Earth-asteroid way ".

Our colleagues from Sputniks presented  a number of reports on small satellites, with also spoke about the status of the microsatellite "TabletSat-Aurora" in report of N. Ivlev "The results of flight tests of attitude and stabilization microsatellite TabletSat-Aurora".