Small Satellites

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

Danil Ivanov's business trip to Taiwan

December 7, 2017

On December 5, at the Remote Sensing Satellite Technology Workshop held in Hsinchu (a city in north-western Taiwan), Danil gave an invited lecture Satellite Formation Flying Control Approaches and Algorithms. After the conference, he also took part in discussion of mutual interests and ways of further cooperation between KIAM and National Space Organization of Taiwan (NSPO) presenting our research directions in the speech Research Fields and Projects in Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics at the NSPO seminar.

Danil visited the NSPO labs where SSTL*-developed FORMOSAT-7 satellites are under testing now. Six spacecraft will be launched into orbit next year and form a remote sensing constellation. One more satellite is being developed by NSPO themselves. Its equations of attitude motion have been derived by our team in the framework of KIAM-NSPO agreement.

*SSTL = Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, a spin-off company of the University of Surrey that builds and operates small satellites. Under the current contract with NSPO, SSTL constructs FORMOSAT-7 satellites.


   Danil Ivanov's presentation at RSSTW-2017       With Dr. An-Ming Wu and the mock-up                   At the NSPO laboratory

     of FORMOSAT-7 in the background