Small Satellites

Satellites dynamics and motion control study

MIPT Scientific Conference

28th November, 2016

  A meeting of the section “Spacecraft motion control and dynamics” within the framework of the 59th MIPT Scientific Conference took place on November 27.The students of the Department of mathematical modeling and applied mathematics gave the following talks: 

 Belikova, M., Shirobokov, M. Methods of solution of Lambert’s problem 

 Dosaev, R., Tkachev, S. Control of pair of satellites by solar pressure and variable coefficient of reflection 

 Tselousova, A., Shirobokov, M. Methods of solution of the Stark problem for optimization of low-thrust interplanetary flights 

 Okhitina, A., Mirer, S. On a method of parabolic acceleration of spacecraft  

 Shachkov, M., Proshunin, M. Identification of oscillation processes in flexible elements of small satellite mock-up 

 Monakhova, U., Ivanov, DDecentralized control of formation of satellites with communication restrictions 

 Naumkina, Yu., Ivanov, DSatellite motion control for interplanetary flight using measurements of the angular size of the Solar system planets 

 Ivanov, D., Koptev, M., Proshunin, N., Shachkov, M., Fedoseev, A. Estimation of disturbances affecting small satellite mock-up on the airbench 

 Roldugin, D., Pichuzhkina, A. Particle swarm method for optimal satellite orientation