Space Systems Dynamics

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

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Educational activities

Our research closely combines with active educational work.

Professor M. Ovchinnikov and professor S. Sidorenko, associate professor S. Tkachev, associate professor A. Degtyarev, chief lecturer I. Zaramenskikh and assistant lecturer D. Ivanov teach at the department of theoretical mechanics of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). 

A laboratory for research and education is established at the department. Second-, third- and fourth-year students of the MIPT take the course on dynamics and motion control of mechanical systems given under professor M. Ovchinnikov and associate professor S. Tkachev with the assistance of purposeful postgraduates and students of the department of applied mathematics. The course helps the students to take a broad view of satellite dynamics problems, to carry out a number of practical laboratory works at the mock-ups of satellite control systems and to decide on their future specialization. 

Professor S. Mirer (deputy head of the department), professor M. Ovchinnikov, assistant lecturer D. Ivanov and postgraduate students S. Trofimov and M. Shirobokov teach at the department of applied mathematics of the MIPT. Postgraduate student M. Shirobokov lectures at the MIPT department of mathematical fundamentals of control. 

Tutorials and workbooks

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