Space Systems Dynamics

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

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Grants of Russian Scientific Foundation and Russian Foundation for Basic Research



  • Grant № 14-01-31313_мол_а "Small Satellites Formation Flying Relative Motion Investigation and Algorithms Development for Perspective Control Systems With Minimal Fuel Consumption"

  • Grant № 13-01-00665-а "Motion study and control algorithms development for dynamic reconfiguration of the microsatellite formation including its de-orbiting"

  • Grant № 12-01-33045_мол_а_вед "Perspective algorithms and methods of the attitude and orbital motion control for small satellites and their formations

  • Grant № 11-01-01800 “Support of the Development of Hardware for Basic Research in the Field 01: completing the set of hardware-in-the-loop at the Keldysh Institute for space system simulation”

  • Grant N 09-01-00431 “Dynamics and Control of Multi-element Mobile Formation under Limitation for Measuring and Control”

  • Grant N 07-01-05004-b “Support of the Development of Hardware for Basic Research”rant N 07-01-92001 “Magnetic Attitude Control Systems for Small Satellites”

  • Grant N 06-01-00389 “Guarantee of the motion of small satellites and miniature flight vehicles at incompleted measurements and limited control”

  • Grant N 03-01-00652 “Attitute Control of Small-Sized satellites Based on the MEMS-Technology”

  • Grant N 00-01-00174 “SC Orientation Problems and Investigation of Their Attitude Motion”

  • Grant N 00-15-96036 “Support of Leading Scientific Schools of Russia”

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