Space Systems Dynamics

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

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Programs, grants of the Russian Academy of Sciences and foreign grants

  • Research Program № 22 of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Science «Basic problems of exploration and opening up of the Solar System». Sub-project 9.3 "Modified Virtual Trajectory Method for Interplanetary Mission Design"

  • Research Program № 22 of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sceinces “Control processes”

  • Project № 89 “Attitude and orbit determination of small satellites under insufficient measurement information” of the 6th competition-expertise of scientific projects of young scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences in basic and applied research, held in 1999

  • Grant of RAS “Satellite Attitude motion with hystertic dampers"

  • Grants №№ НШ-6700.2010.1 (2010-2011), НШ-1123.2008.1 (2008-2009), НШ-2448.2006.1 (2006-2007), НШ-2003.2003.1 (2003-2005), НШ-00-15-96036 (2000-2002), НШ-96-01-97229 (1996-1999), 96-01-97229 (1996-1999) Support of Leading Scientific Schools of Russia

  • Project HeliconPlasmaHydrazine.COmbinedMicro ( № 218862, 7th Framework Program, EC

  • Project DAAD “Magnetic Satellite Attitude Control”, in framework of Leonhard Euler Program, Germany (Referat № 325)

  • Project № 94-2488 “A Unified Platform Approach to Designing Small Satellites for Applications in the Earth Science” of European INTAS Foundation

  • Project № MLC000 “Theory of Attitude Motion of Two Connected Bodies in Orbit” of the International Scientific Foundation

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