Space Systems Dynamics

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

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Popular science

In this section you will find some media publications on our group’s work, as well as videos of interviews and popular lectures. So far all media content is in Russian.


Media about us


On June 19, 2004 TabletSat-Aurora, the first Russian private satellite for earth remote sensing, was successfully launched. The microsatellite had been created by the Sputnix Ltd, while our group developed and studied its attitude control algorithms.

 We carried out similar work for the microsatellite Chibis-M; its launch took place on January 25, 2012. The algorithms were also implemented at the satellite attitude control system mock-up and successfully passed the verification. In June of 2011 the study won the projects competition at the Youth scienсe and technology exhibition and the speaker D. Ivanov received a ticket to a satellite launch at Baykonur as a prize.

 The experience gained with the development of the first Russian nanosatellite TNS-0 №1 helped a lot during the creation of the following satellite, TNS-0 №2 (video).

 Watch also the video by Rossiya TV company on microsatellites.

 The article “Oh, rushing daring trio…” by M. Ovchinnikov published in Computerra magazine won the RFBR competition of popular science articles on mathematics and mechanics in 2012. The article “Kids conquer the world” won the same competition in 2007.

 Za Nauku newspaper and magazine have published many items on our group’s work, such as:

- article about the Laboratory,

- news items on business trips of our students and postgraduates in Germany [12] in the framework of joint DAAD grant with Bremen University,

- items on the visits of our colleagues from Germany and Italy,

- reports on our participation in international workshops,

- news about our projects,

- article about the Keldysh Institute of Applied mathematics.


 Lectures by the members of our group at “Current problems of applied mathematics” course at the Department of control and applied mathematics of the MIPT:

- S. Tkachev, “On advanced spaceflight dynamics” (2014, video),

- prof. M. Ovchinnikov – “Current issues of spaceflight dynamics” (2013, video) and “What  are microsatellites capable of?” (2012).

 A lecture by A. Platonov, professor of the Applied mathematics chair and head of the division at the KIAM, and other content on the first artificial Earth satellite [123].