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2021 Astrodynamics Specialist Conference

August 13, 2021

Just as in the last year, the prestigious Astrodynamics Specialist Conference went online. Just as in the last year, our PhD student Anastasia Tselousova presented a geometric approach to the design of low-energy transfers to the Moon. However, this time she considered the more complicated case when a trajectory includes an outbound lunar flyby. So far, to design such a transfer, most of the researchers have resorted to purely numerical techniques facing the issue of initial guess choice. The proposed algorithm allows obtaining the solution in the planar bicircular four-body problem, which is an excellent initial guess for the subsequent adaptation to the ephemeris model by the multiple-shooting technique.

Anastasia Tselousova, Denis Perepukhov, Sergey Trofimov, and Maksim Shirobokov
Geometric Approach to the Design of Lunar-Gravity-Assisted Low-Energy
Earth-Moon Transfers