Space Systems Dynamics

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

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International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2019

Danil Ivanov during the interactive presentation poster session

Danil Ivanov next to the IAC 2019 logo

October 28, 2019

The anniversary 70th International Astronautical Congress has been held on 21-25 October in Washington, DC. This year, the venue of the largest space science and industry event of the year was selected primarily in honor of the 50th anniversary of the successful lunar landing by the Apollo 11 astronauts. Danil Ivanov took part in the IAC and gave two talks, including the interactive presentation. He was also a co-chair of the technical session B4.6A Generic Technologies for Small/Micro Platforms. Furthermore, on behalf of our group, Danil has discussed with our foreign partners the results of the ongoing joint projects.

Danil Ivanov, Sergey Meus, Anna Nuralieva, Andrey Ovchinnikov, Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Dmitry Roldugin, Stepan Tkachev, Alexey Shestoperov, Sergey Shestakov, and Evgenii Yakimov
Coupled Motion Determination and Stabilization of a Satellite Equipped with Large Flexible Elements Using ADCS Only

Danil Ivanov, Shamil Biktimirov, Kirill Chernov, Alexander Kharlan, Uliana Monakhova, and Dmitry Pritykin
Writing with Sunlight: CubeSat Formation Control Using Aerodynamic Forces
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