Space Systems Dynamics

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

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Academic Readings on Cosmonautics

February 4, 2019

The XLIII Academic Readings on Cosmonautics in memory of Sergey Korolev and other pioneers of space exploration have been held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University from 29 January to 1 February 2019. Six papers have been presented by researchers and students of our group at the 2-day session "Applied celestial mechanics and motion control."

Uliana Monakhova and Danil Ivanov
Constructing a Formation of Small Satellites with the Use of Magnetic Attitude Control System for Adjusting Differential Aerodynamic Drag Force (in Russian)

Artemy Sorokin, Maksim Shirobokov, and Sergey Trofimov
Artificial Neural Networks for Control and Prediction of Low-Thrust Spacecraft Motion (in Russian)

Anna Okhitina, Yaroslav Mashtakov, Stepan Tkachev, and Sergey Shestakov
Placement of Orbital Correction Thrusters Onboard a Geostationary Satellite (in Russian)

Anastasia Tselousova, Maksim Shirobokov, and Sergey Trofimov
Analysis of Transfers from Low Earth Orbits to High Circular Near-Polar Orbits Around the Moon (in Russian)

Maksim Shirobokov and Sergey Trofimov
Parallel Computing in Astrodynamical Problems (pptx, in Russian)

Yaroslav Mashtakov, Benny Rievers, and Meike List
Satellite Attitude Control in an Earth Gravimetry Mission (in Russian)