Space Systems Dynamics

Orbital and attitude dynamics and control

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Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

August 26, 2019

On August 19-24, the participants of the XII Russian Congress on Fundamental Problems of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics were warmly welcomed in the Congress Hall of Ufa and Bashkir State University. A large delegation headed by Prof. Mikhail Ovchinnikov represented our group. In total, they have made
6 oral and poster presentations, including a long plenary talk given by Maksim Shirobokov. The first-year PhD student Anna Okhitina are among the winners of the contest for the best young researcher presentation. Congratulations!

Maksim Shirobokov, Sergey Trofimov, and Mikhail Ovchinnikov
Mathematical Methods of Modern Astrodynamics (in Russian)

Danil Ivanov, Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Stepan Tkachev, and Alexey Shestoperov
Attitude Control Algorithms for a Satellite with Large Flexible Appendages
(in Russian)

Danil Ivanov and Uliana Monakhova 
Spacecraft Swarm Control in a Low Earth Orbit (in Russian)

Anna Okhitina, Yaroslav Mashtakov, Stepan Tkachev, and Sergey Shestakov
Fuel-Optimal Simultaneous Flywheel Desaturation and Orbit Correction
(in Russian)

Sergey Shestakov and Yaroslav Mashtakov
Study of a Tetrahedral Spacecraft Formation in a Low Earth Orbit (in Russian)

Yaroslav Mashtakov, Stepan Tkachev, and Sergey Shestakov
Direct Lyapunov Method in the Problems of Constrained Slew Maneuver Design (in Russian)